Quarter 3 Final Project for Lang. Arts and Social Studies

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This week, students were given the assignment sheet describing their joint LA/SS final project for Quarter 3. This project is due on March 10th, but there are a couple of earlier due dates that students should also keep in mind. One of those dates is Monday, Feb. 6th. By Monday, students should have picked out a historical fiction novel and gotten a parent to sign a permission slip stating that he/she has approved of the book. 

I have attached two pdfs at the bottom of the language arts homework webpage that provide lists of historical fiction novels. One is for children's books (perhaps more suited for fifth and sixth graders), while the other is for young adult books (these often have higher reading levels and can sometimes contain material more suited for older students). Please also search the Goodreads website (listed under the language arts "Links" page) for more options. 

Ust. Erin

Schoolwide Spelling Bee

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We will be having our schoolwide spelling bee tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th, after our morning assembly. The top three winners from grades 4-8 will participate. Parents are welcome to attend.


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Forces and Motion Test Unit 15-Friday 1/20

I S and Quran Q 3 Exams

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Islamic Studies Quarter 3 Exam:
Thursday, March 17th, 2016
Unit B; chapters 1-6

Quran Quarter 3 Exam:
Friday, March 18th, 2016
Reading Ayat 1-10 from Surat-ul-Kahf 

Science Quarter Final Review

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Asalamu Alaikum

Attached you will find the topics for the Quarter 3 final

Arabic Language-Q3 Final Test

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Asalam Alikum, 
Please see the attached letter for Q3/ Final test Insha'allah. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Jazakum Allah Khair, 

Ust. Iman 

Social Studies Q3 Review Sheet

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Attached is the Q3 Final Review.  Please help students review this document to review for the Final!  JAK!

Quarter 3 Finals

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Assalaamu alaikum!

Quarter 3 Finals are next week.  Please review the attached schedule in order to help your student study and prepare for these exams.  Please check back for review guides and instructions from each teacher!  Jazakum Allah khairan!

Language arts project due- 9/23

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Don't forget that your projects for your novel, Holes, are due this Wednesday (9/23)!

Test on Monday!

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Arabic test on Monday Sept. 21st on Lesson 1. Please study your text book, workbook, and your notebook.

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