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Asalam Alikum, 

Please see the attached voice recording file to listen to your spelling words for both weeks 15 (week 1) and week 16 (week 2). 

Std.# 1.2

Daily Homework: 

  • H.W activity worksheets: Due every Friday. Please listen to the attached file to review the words at home. 
  • Spelling test Every Friday Insha'Allah.  
  • VocabularyStudents will be responsible for writing down the vocabulary words from their text book. They will also be responsible for writing the definitions of those words in English and completing a vocabulary packets H.W. The new vocabulary words will be in their text book Uhibo Al Arabiya wa Ata'alamuha and the students will practice reading stories that include those new words. 
  • Please see the attached File to listen to the spelling words and practice them at home. 
  • Reading Log Sheet it will be due every Friday. Please read the book daily and let your parents sign the log and dated. 
  • ** Reading Program: You may start read online and summarize the story in your notebook, but visiting this website:

Standard Homework

  • You will be having at the end of every lesson a project to do. This project is to help you to review the lesson's vocab. words.  
  • You will choose one of the following activities (creating a PowerPoint (this will be during the last 2 months of the school year), making a Poster, or a Collage) to review the previous lessons Arabic vocabulary words. 
  • Please do not copy and paste from google translate. If you don't have an Arabic Keyboard at your computer, you may choose to create a poster or a collage so you can correct your spelling. 

This project worth 15 points divided as the following: 

  • 5 points for the project's appearance 
  • 5 Points for Using the previous lesson's vocabulary words
  • 5 Points for the correct spelling and meaning. 

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