Our Teachers

Ustatha Shannon Grace, Math, Homeroom
My name is Shannon Grace, and I am the Middle School Math Teacher at LUA. I began working at LUA during the 2020-2021 school year, and I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful school!
I'm originally from Bowling Green, KY and got my undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education from Western Kentucky University (go Tops!). I moved to Lexington in 2015 after graduating, and then married my (wonderful) husband in 2016. I spent three years teaching Algebra 1 in Franklin County and one year teaching 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 in Scott County before joining the LUA family.

Ustatha Sunshine AlJumaily, Social Studies

My name is Sunshine Al-Jumaily. I am the Middle School Social Studies teacher for grades 5th through 8th.  I have taught at LUA since 2009 with a year prior as an emergency substitute.  I was born in Lexington, but moved around throughout my childhood before returning home.  I hold a Master's in Secondary Social Studies Education from the University of Kentucky.


Ustatha Leah Stone, Science



Ustatha Erin McDaniel, Language Arts

This will be my sixth year teaching at LUA, and I am excited about the year ahead! I am originally from Eastern Kentucky, but have lived in Central Kentucky since I moved here to attend UK in 2001. After receiving my B.A. in English and Political Science, I worked with at-risk adolescents at the KY United Methodist Home in Versailles for almost five years. During that time, I began working on my M.A.T. degree at EKU. Upon graduating, I taught freshman English at Bryan Station High School for one year. I have a two sons, Oliver and Bruce.

Ustatha Iman Hadi, Arabic 

My name is Iman Hadi, I started teaching at LUA in 2004. I have my B.A in Education from Baghdad University and my Masters in IT from Sullivan University. I am also certified teaching Al-Qaida Noorania program. Previously I used to teach at the Islamic school of Edison in Edison, NJ. Also, I was an Arabic Instructor at the University of Kentucky and at The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning. I am also representing the USA for the Arabic Reading Challenge competition in Dubai. 
At LUA I have served as the 5th grade Math and Science teacher, KG assistant, 2nd-grade Homeroom teacher, and Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran for grades PreK3-8th. This year I will be teaching Islamic Studies for 3rd grade along with teaching Arabic and for Middle school Insha'allah. 
I consider myself very fortunate to be among such a professional faculty and amazing students. I will do my best this year to ensure that each student has a great learning experience in the classroom Insha'Allah.   

Ustatha Rasmieh, Suleiman, Islamic Studies

I have been the middle school Islamic Studies teacher at the Lexington Universal Academy since 2009.  Prior to teaching at the LUA, I was involved in various areas of the school since it first opened.  I was an active member of the PTO and served as an Islamic Studies substitute teacher before taking on my current position. This year in sha’ Allah I will be teaching Islamic Studies to 4th-8th graders. To further develop my teaching background, I have attended several online education courses. I am also fluent in both Arabic and English and I successfully completed and received Al-Qaidah An-Nouraniyah Certificate. Teaching gives me a wonderful opportunity to enhance my students’ Islamic knowledge and help shape them into stronger Muslims. In addition to my involvement in the LUA, I have also participated in various Islamic study groups at the community level.

Ustatha Omaima Alamawi, Islamic Studies/Quran

My name is Omaima Alamawi, I have been the middle and elementary school Quran, Arabic and  Islamic Studies teacher at the Lexington Universal Academy since 2008. I left for two years and then returned in 2016, Alhamdillah. In 2002 I received my certified Tajweed Licience from the Muslim World League Association on Riwaya of Hafs an Asem an Al-Shatibiya. In 2007 I successfully completed Al-Qaidah An-Nooraneyah Program. Then in 2013 I successfully became A certified teacher of Al-Qaida An-Nooranyyah. I'm honored to be given the opportunity to teach our children at LUA to perfect the recitations of Allah's Holy book, AL-Quran AL kareem ,so they can be of the Quran carriers In sha' Allah. With Allah's support I have been able to encourage my students to memorize several Ajza' of the Quran.